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aka Freaking and Annoying Questions

Q: WTF?!


Q: Motto?

A: “if you can’t fix it, you don’t own it”

Q: Do You believe in Planned obsolescence conspiracy theory?

A: Planned obsolescence is not a conspiracy theory. It’s a business-model that has become standard in many industries as it’s a built-in feature of the growth-religion.

Q: What is the meaning of the word "kurvitko"?

A: “Kurvitko” is a word of czech origin, whose indicates a thing or a part of something. Kurvitko is usually an useless part of something which prevents a thing to work properly. Removal of kurvitko or its replacement with functional equivalent usually means thing is starting to work again.

Q: What the hell is your problem with (my/somebodys) bussiness

A: We are not against your or anybodys bussiness. Built-in obsolescence, together with the media calling for (and relying on) artificially high consumption is driving and destroying our economy at the same time, consuming finite resources and poisons our planet with unnecessary waste.

Q: Planned obsolescence is a pretty old idea, isnt it?

Over time, failures were replaced by a more sophisticated and more ethically acceptable system: fashion trends, and so was born Perceived Obsolescence.

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