Thermaltake Announces the Top 3 Winners of 2021 Thermaltake NeonMaker Lighting Mix Invitational Season 1

Thermaltake Announces the Top 3 Winners of
2021 Thermaltake NeonMaker Lighting Mix Invitational Season 1

Taipei, TaiwanFebruary 17th, 2022Thermaltake, the leading PC DIY premium brand for Cooling, Gaming Gear, and Enthusiast Memory solutions, is elated to announce the winners of 2021 Thermaltake NeonMaker Lighting Mix Invitational Season 1. The first-place winner of this season is Marco Di Silvestre from Italy, the second-place winner is Denis Siks from Spain, and Mike Petereyns from Belgium won third place.
NeonMaker is Thermaltake’s RGB lighting customization editing software where users can edit the lighting effects on every single LED light bulb to create their very own style. This time, 2021 Thermaltake NeonMaker Lighting Mix Invitational Season 1 proudly invited six talented contestants from Belgium, Canada, Italy, Japan, Spain and the Philippines to battle it out, and to give more options to RGB lovers to make their builds shine. Six contestants are required to compose a light show with NeonMaker, and together with the Floe DX RGB 240 TT Premium Edition and TOUGHRAM XG RGB Memory DDR4 3600MHz 16GB (8GB x2), and they were judged by four main guidelines including originality, artistry, utilization of the software, and the quality of their video.
During a month, all contestants showed their creativity and artistic ability to create original lighting effects. Their ingenuities were inspired by natural phenomenon, movies, festivals, and daily life. All their final projects show their unique style and made this event glow.
Thermaltake would like to thank all the contestants for doing a fantastic job, and also, to express our gratitude to all participants including the public, the PC enthusiasts, and the RGB lovers. Congratulate to the top three winners and look forward to seeing all of you again in the future.
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Meet the Winners
  • 1st Place [Marco Di Silvestre]: Marco, a modder from Italy who goes by the name of MPC Project, creatively used “flags” as inspiration, and his fantastic video editing skills made his video outstanding.
  • 2nd Place [Denis Siks]: Denis is an upcoming modder located in Spain and is from 6buildz, in his work, all the lighting flows through the AIO and the memory smoothly and harmoniously. His sophisticated editing skills and the completeness made his work stand out.
  • 3rd Place [Mike Petereyns]: Mike is the owner of the brand MP-customized. This time, the theme “Like Mike & TT Vegas!” of his work brings out the party vibe. All the RGB lighting dances together vividly.

Mark of Perfection
The videos and lighting effects editing skills were all impeccable as to the modder’s creative spirits. Hence, it was not easy for the panel of judges to select the winners. The judges were required to evaluate and score four aspects of the participant’s videos, including Originality, Utilization, Artistry, and Video Quality. The total percentage of the score allocated to the community voting was 30%, 15% by Thermaltake Judges, 25% by Thermaltake CEO, and 30% by professional modders. After summing up the votes from the judges, the final result pointed to Marco Di Silvestre, Denis Siks, and Mike Petereyns.
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