Thermaltake Announces the Top 3 Winners of 2021 Thermaltake Ultra GIF Design Invitational Season 1

Thermaltake Announces the Top 3 Winners of
2021 Thermaltake Ultra GIF Design Invitational Season 1


Taipei, TaiwanJanuary 11th, 2021Thermaltake, the leading PC DIY premium brand for Cooling, Gaming Gear, and Enthusiast Memory solutions, is delighted to announce the winner list of the 2021 Thermaltake Ultra GIF Design Invitational Season 1. In first place is Maulik Patel from India, in second place is Stefan Ulrich from Germany, and in third places are Samuel Callanta from the Philippines and Ahmad Syafiq Hamman from Malaysia.
This time, GIF files are designed for applying on Floe RC Ultra 240 CPU & Memory AIO Liquid Cooler, the main product of the event as well as the new line of Ultra series products, which incorporates a bright 2.1” LCD display on the CPU water block and an individual 3.9” LCD display for memory water block. It brings great visual aesthetics and gives users full customization options to create more personalized visual effects that include uploading fun GIFs or any pictures in jpg format you like.
To offer more unique GIFs to decorate users’ PC build, the very first GIF design competition of Thermaltake was held. This time we proudly invited 6 talented modders from Germany, India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, and the United Kingdom to battle it out. The contestants were required to design their very own animated GIF shows and upload them via the TT RGB PLUS 2.0 software on our Floe RC Ultra 240 CPU & Memory AIO Liquid Cooler. During a month, all modders generated at least 3 GIFs and have shown their creativity and artistic ability to create original GIFs and connecting them allowing the GIFs to interact over the two LCD screens. The final work of the modders include spacewalking Astro Boy, Aquarium, fan operation, lovely-cat claw machine and TT animated pop characters. The GIFs received a lot of positive feedback during the Thermaltake 2022 EXPO January Virtual Exhibition last week.
Thermaltake is grateful to have the support of all the modders who participated in our very first GIF design event and gave out their best. Lastly, Thermaltake would like to express our gratitude to all the participants including the public and the PC enthusiasts, and, again, to congratulate the top three winners!
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Mark of Perfection
The entries were all top quality and have demonstrated their artistic ability. The judges were required to evaluate and score from four criteria, including Originality, Design Concept, Final Photos and Video Quality. The total percentage of the score allocated to the Thermaltake CEO was 25%, 15% by Thermaltake Judges, 30% by Tt community voting, and 30% by professional modders. After summing up the votes from the judges, the final result pointed to Maulik Patel, Stefan Ulrich, Samuel Callanta and Ahmad Syafiq Hamman.

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